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Exeter Yoga With Maxine

Welcome to Yoga with Maxine Dean, a space for everyone - from seasoned yogis to those taking their first step onto the mat. My affordable, inclusive classes, from energising Vinyasa to Rocket Yoga, are tailored to your needs. Whether deepening your practice or exploring new styles, find your pace and grow with me. Your yoga adventure awaits.

Unlimited Yoga In Exeter, £35pm.

At Maxine Dean Exeter Yoga, quality takes precedence. With two weekly classes, I offer a high quality yoga experience in Exeter at an unbeatable price. My timetable is designed to foster rest and reflection, ensuring a balanced and enriching practice.


Class schedule; 

Mon: 1830 - 1930 Rocket Flow

Wed: 1800 - 1900 Vinyasa Flow

Location - 17 St. Davids Hill, Exeter EX4 3RG


About me..

My name is Maxine Dean

A 300-hour trained Yoga Teacher, Physiotherapist, and water enthusiast. My 8-year yoga journey began with a quest for a headstand and evolved into a lifestyle bringing peace, community, and career fulfilment.


After specialising as a Neurological Physiotherapist in London, I returned to my beloved Devon in 2022, focusing on promoting inner peace for myself and others. Yoga, for me, is a unique journey of self-discovery, constantly evolving, and beautifully connecting us in our shared space of personal growth.

The benefits of practising with Maxine?

Why Exeter?

Exeter is the perfect setting for my yoga practice. Nestled between the picturesque moors and the miles and miles of serene coast, it's a haven for those seeking a balance of tranquillity and activity. The city's vibrancy, brimming with culture and innovation, reflects in yoga's dynamic and evolving nature.


The close-knit community and the city's continual growth resonate with yoga's unity and personal development principles. In Exeter, the harmony between nature and urban life beautifully aligns with the yoga journey, creating an unparalleled holistic experience. 

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Yoga classes

Explore different yoga practices with Maxine Dean in Exeter, catering to all levels.

Engage in fluid Vinyasa classes, combining breath with movement for a rejuvenating experience. Ideal for those seeking an active, rhythmic practice.

Try Rocket Yoga for a more dynamic routine. These classes focus on building strength and flexibility, offering a challenging yet accessible approach.

Slow down with Yin Yoga. Long-held poses target deep relaxation and mental calm, perfect for unwinding and restoring balance.


Did you know?

In addition to group classes, I also offer private 1:1's, small groups, corporate yoga and yoga for events.

For more information on availability and pricing, please get in contact with me. 

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