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Christmas Gift Guide, Support Local and Small

We are in a culture of consumerism and over Christmas this is amplified. So I thought I would use this space to put some ideas forward for gifts from small independent companies or that are activities or experiences.

For Foodies

Devon hosts some amazing restaurants that source local and seasonal produce to create delicious meals in a beautiful setting. A couple of my favourites are Glebe House and Emelia in Ashburton and Stage.

If you are buying for friends or family out of Devon I have found the PIG to be a fab option with hotels and restaurants in many locations around England.

And if you would prefer to buy your food and drink loving friend a gift instead Exeter boasts some amazing deli's and wine shops, my favourites being; Pullo, Bong Gout and Smiths, and if you are prepared to jump in a car you could make the trip to Darts Farm or Greendale where you will be spoilt for choice.

Floral gifts

Im not sure if there is a single person that doesn't love getting a bunch of beautiful flowers. I have started going down the dried flower route, these will last significantly longer and it means no water changing or flower drooping. If you are in Exeter two of my favourite places to pick up dried flowers are Leaf Street on Magdalen Road and Floren Flowers on Gandy St.

The Experience

We all have those people in our lives that are do do do. For these individuals I love to get experience gifts. These also act as a great reason to get together and get that date in the diary for the new year.

If the person that you are buying a gift for already attends my classes you could get them a gift card so that they continue on their yoga journey in to the new year. If you are looking for a retreat my lovely friend Sadie also offers gift cards that you can use towards her Wild Ones events and retreats.

Another great activity in Exeter is climbing at the Hanger and if you don'd mind traveling slightly further afield to Bristol then the The Wave is the most fantastic day out with beginner all the way to advanced sessions available.

The Fashionista

In the last couple of years I have become a serious Vinted fan, both buying and selling although if you like that in person shopping experience one of my favourite shops in Exeter has to be Lorna Ruby. Lorna Ruby holds some gorgeous brands for clothing and accessories offering gifts at a variety of price points.

Beauty King and Queens

This one is easy- Tappermade is a beautiful brand, local to Exeter producing ocean derived skin and hair care. My personal favourites are the soap bars for gifting and the seaweed face oil (for myself). You can often find Tappermade at the markets of Exeter although if you cant catch her in person I would check out the online store.

The Sporty One

If you would like to purchase a gift for your active friend or family member MoveWell is the perfect place to go, my favourite products that I recommend to allot of my friends and clients are the Peanut and the Sphere, and if you do choose to buy something from MoveWell you can use my code MAX10 which will get you 10% off. I also love Yogi Bare for yoga mats and props.

I hope this helps inspire some of you to shop local and small business this Christmas and if you have any of your own suggestions please share the love and leave recommendations in the comments.

Maxine xxx

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