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A hectic start to 2024

I have been rather absent from not only my blogs but prioritising my yoga business for the start of this year, and I am here today making a promise to myself and you that this is going to change.

The start of this year has seen me taking on another physiotherapy role at the MS centre along side already working for a private clinic Injury Armour and working three days a week in the NHS. In addition to this my social calendar has been jam packed which although glorious has meant that I haven't been able to give my yoga business the attention it deserves.

I never really intended to return to being a full time physiotherapist after moving back to Devon but both my private work at Injury Armour and working at the MS centre has happened so organically that the opportunities have seemed like they were almost meant to be for me.

I now feel like I have established a resemblance of a routine with this work tho and from March onwards I am ready to hit the floor running. So... expect 2 monthly blogs, including snippets of lifestyle along side yoga and health and wellbeing, email updates and a continuation of firey and fun classes.

Hope to see you soon.

Maxine xxx

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