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FAQ- Yin

Do I need to bring my own mat or props?

I will provide mats, blocks and bolsters for class although If you want to bring a blanket you are more than welcome. I also advise for these classes you wear comfy warm clothes that are easy to move in. 


Does it hurt to be in poses for 3-5 minutes?

No student should experience pain in any pose and if you do please come out and I will help you adjust or find an alternative pose. There can be discomfort experienced both physically and mentally with the stillness and the stretch in to the soft tissues and fascia. This does get easier with time. 


Can I come out of a pose early?

100% YES! never wait for me to prompt you to come out of any pose if you cannot be there for any longer. Simply work your way out of the pose slowly and find your rebound pose early. 


What is a rebound pose ? 

We use rebound poses in between the Yin postures, this can be seen as a rest and sometimes a counterpose, these are normally static poses such as lying on your back, side lying, child pose or sat up but they can also take a dynamic form such as walking your dog or cat-cow. 

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