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The candid journey of a yoga teacher trying to make it in Exeter

Updated: Oct 16, 2023

Whilst putting out my mats for class this Wednesday one of my closest friends and first ever yoga students (the amazing Rosie Salter) reminded me of the days where it was often just her in class. Months where having a class of 3 people would feel like an achievement and here I was setting up for a class of 17. In those early days it wasn't always easy to show up (both in the physical form as well as bringing the energy) and I wont pretend that my moral was always high, there were many a day where I had feelings of being a imposter and not being good enough. My main aim through the first 6 month of teaching was to try to break even financially and to provide a consistent class that I believed in. For me this meant teaching the type of yoga that I love to practice, after all if you are not passionate about what you do, it shows. I wanted to create an environment in class that was inviting, where I would need to get people to stop talking before class started because everyone was getting on, an environment where you could explore your body's capabilities, where falling and giggling and trying new things felt possible.

When I took time to reflect this week I realise that this has all happened, but this was not a one woman show, it was you, the students of my classes that turn up week in week out that made this possible.

I was always told that you get the students that you deserve... well I must have done something pretty incredible in a past life because from the bottom of my heart I can honestly say that each and every individual that attends my class is truly wonderful. I was lucky enough to have access again through Rosie to the CrossFit Exe community. Im not sure if I have ever met such a welcoming and inclusive community. When Rosie started to recommend my classes to them, they initially trusted her blindly and came to their first class, they now make up a large percentage of my regular students.

Very early on I also started providing corporate classes to the InFocus staff and the Exeter Chiefs mens team for their 2022 pre season training, this was an amazing opportunity again to get the word out about my classes. Both of these opportunities came through my community and people who believed in me... maybe a little more that I believed in myself.

So I guess this blog post is trying to say two things.

  1. To any yoga teacher trying to either establish themselves in a new area or just starting out, it is a hard slog but one that is so worth it, keep showing up, keep delivering classes that you are proud of, even if they are just to one person.

  2. It is all about community, I know I am unbelievably lucky to have the support that I do from the students that attend my class, old friends and new. So THANK YOU!



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